With a platform so uniquely diverse, each year comes the question of how to communicate the offers it has to give in a new and fresh way, to its equally distinct target: the youth. This year, while we had the opportunity to feature an infamous Egyptian rapper, Marwan Pablo, it was especially difficult to showcase him in a light that is relevant to both the brand along with his youthful fans.


From the streets to the stage, rap has been around Egypt for years on end now. Similar to rappers across the world, rappers in Egypt take to battles and beefs, and crowning the one with the best flow, style, and lyrics. Yet the major question was, who could complete with the number one rapper in Egypt, while remaining a fair fight? While the question was ambitious, it left only one choice; that only Marwan Pablo, can battle Marwan Pablo, because, if there aren’t any like you, then you can only compete with yourself alone.


The idea was simple: showcase Marwan Pablo battling himself in one campaign. But as battles go, it was essential to fledge out each of the three characters Pablo portrayed (Ghost, Alpha, and Flame) to battle against each other in several rounds. Thus, after the launch of the first ad, consecutive battles between each one, was released. With overall three characters and four battles, consumers were asked to vote on the Ana Vodafone application for their favorite Pablo. As the battles went on, people continued to listen to and vote for their preferred character for a chance to win mega prizes.


The campaign reached numbers never before seen on Vodafone’s communication channels. People viewed the content on Facebook and Instagram, took to the same platforms along with Twitter to shout out on the character they wanted most to win, and went on TikTok to virtually sing with the rapper, and create the same transitions of those seen in the campaign, while also creating record engagement on their app that led to many lucky winners of a PS5.

Three Pablos

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2022 Dubai Lynx

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