The campaign sought to motivate an entire nation, who often do not look past one sport, football, and inspire them to follow and support Egypt's potential medalists throughout their Olympic journey while integrating our brand POV 'Together We Can'.


With the introduction of Vodafone's new global visual guidelines that had not been incorporated before, the client was immediately hooked on the dynamism shown for athletes and their respective sports. Taking inspiration from Nike and Adidas campaigns, 'Unstoppable Together' helped pave the way to introduce these new guidelines in our market.


We called it 'The Olympic Podium' – where every Egyptian Olympian is brought to the forefront, and our layout achieved this in a simple yet effective way. Restricted by not being able to use the Olympic logos, we used decorative ribbons that are representative of the Olympic colors to highlight each athlete.


The campaign has massively increased awareness of our medalists and appreciation for other sports in the nation.

Olympics MV 1 AOT
Olympics MV 3 AOT
Olympics MV 4 AOT copy

Executive Summary

Historically, Egypt has had few athletes reach the Olympics. But for the Tokyo 2020 Games, with years of preparation and perseverance, Egypt was able to send its largest contingent ever. To celebrate, we featured our Olympians front and center and highlighted them as champions, symbolized by ribbon that represents the colors of the Olympic logo and weaving it together with our athletes, supporting the brand message that together, nothing can stand in their way.

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