SOHO’s and SME’s in Egypt struggle to develop and grow. As many local suppliers offer specialized digital solutions that can benefit these workplaces in a specific way, companies and business constantly find themselves overspending on one time solutions that may benefit them more in the short term than in the long term. All this occurs while not having the ideal supplier that they can trust to provide all their business solutions at one time.


When surveying the market, Vodafone had readied a digital solutions product that caters to business needs, yet the solutions were not focused on one sub segment of the market, but rather the entirety of the businesses in Egypt. Vodafone’s business segment were never the loudest solutions provider in the market, but their product was ready to take the market by storm, and was bundled up sufficiently to create some people may call a “Hub”.


Vodafone were looking to enter the market of digitizing businesses, but could not offer a lone solution without making a significant impact in the market, meaning..Vodafone wanted to do it bigger and better. To do so, they created a one-stop shop for all digital business solutions, with the introduction of V-Hub, a one-stop digital business platform that provided a range of solutions that could help any business grow from one location, and with one click.


The campaign was very successful from a communication and analytical standpoint, providing previously unseen viewership on the Vodafone Business page, and garnering the most viewership for any ad they’ve launched before. In addition to the above, Vodafone were able to shift the mentality and sentiment of the consumer towards the brand, by shifting the purpose from a Telecom provider to a Solutions provider in the eyes of the public.


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Dubai Lynx 2022

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