According to the World Health Organization, at least 840 million people around the world are without access to electricity, hindering their ability to work beyond daylight hours, carry out essential tasks and stay connected to the wider world. With electricity demand expected to increase by 70% by 2035, and traditional fossil fuels estimated to be depleted in the next 52 years, a solution is urgently needed.


Electricity provides economic opportunity and quality of life. Fisherman can’t fish at night; kids must do their homework by candlelight – which can cause fires; artisans can’t craft at night to fill their orders, and mobile phones cannot be charged.

We connected with the age-old traditions of the Wayúu, an indigenous community living on the remote La Guajira peninsula straddling the Colombia and Venezuela border.


Wunderman Thompson Colombia and renewable energy start-up E-Dina collaborated on WaterLight – a revolutionary device that can transform half a liter of salt water into an incredible 45 days of light.

E-Dina and Wunderman Thompson Colombia turned to the Wayúu, whose access to electricity is limited, but are surrounded by arid desert terrain that turns out to be the most powerful battery in the world – the sea. With WaterLight, the Wayúu can transform this abundant natural resource into a safe, sustainable way to power their lives, from night fishing to charging mobile phones, without the need to travel for miles, creating a sense of connection within the community and to the wider world.


WaterLight is poised for a worldwide rollout, demonstrating how technology, creativity and humanity can produce a ground-breaking idea and transform life for millions of people. For many developing nations such as Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Gabon, Somalia and Syria that lack access to energy but with the benefit of a coastline, as well as governments, NGOs and private organizations seeking sustainable technology solutions for coastal communities, WaterLight is a forward-thinking, cost-effective option. With the global refugee crisis set to worsen, this device can provide invaluable aid for charities providing migrants with essential amenities, particularly in situations where resources are scarce.

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2022 Clio Awards



2022 Clio Awards