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Demystifying Personalisation

What It Means and Why It Matters


F 100 Demystifying Hyper Personalisation

The holy grail of marketing, one-to-one personalisation at scale, still eludes most brands. They rely far too much on technology, according to Chandra Mostov, COO of Wunderman Thompson Marketing Automation. The path to hyper-personalisation begins with defining the relationship between brand and story. After all the R in CRM stands for relationship.

In this WT Talk, Mostov breaks down hyper-personalisation into simple human terms for all marketing professionals to understand, not only data specialists and technologists, before diving into four key drivers of omnichannel success.

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It’s important to go back to basics and remember what CRM is really about and why we are trying to do it.

Chandra Benjamin Mostov

COO, Wunderman Thompson MAP

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