Guiding the consumer's online journey

Amazon is like a department store; consumers come to browse, with only a vague intention to purchase. You need content that attracts their attention, and draws them into your corner of the store. We create optimised content for all the items in your Amazon catalogue, standardised across international markets, to guide customers to your products.

Think of content like an iceberg

  • What you see on the product detail page (titles, bullet points etc.) only represents about 30% of the whole product listing.
  • The remaining 70% is not visible to consumers, but it's just as important.
  • Listing your products in the right categories, selecting the right keywords, and assigning the right attributes are some of the "hidden" elements which ensure consumers find your products on Amazon.

Put your products on the right shelf

  • Would you look for coffee in the yogurt section? Amazon's categories and subcategories are like aisles in a grocery store. Your products must be where customers expect to find them.
  • Amazon regularly changes its category structure, so it's important to continuously monitor and adapt your listings.
  • Our product listing team regularly relists and re-categorises products, ensuring your products are always on the right shelf.

Make sure consumers find your product

More than 75% of Amazon traffic now comes from mobile devices, which is changing how consumers search:

  • Mobile users without a keyboard rely heavily on suggested search terms - they start typing and let Amazon do the rest.
  • Instead of starting over, they tend to click through search results and linked products until they find what they're looking for.

We help consumers find your products by choosing keywords that align with suggested search terms.

3 seconds to sell

  • Product titles on Amazon are similar to packaging on the supermarket shelf - and just as important.
  • Shoppers scan search results quickly, and generally focus on the top 3-4 items.
  • To grab their attention, your title must include your brand and explain what the product is/what it's used for (e.g. "Men's Running Jacket") - not just the model name.

A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Would you reserve a hotel room with only one photo? A picture is worth a thousand words - or clicks, in this case.
  • Your photo gallery on Amazon sells as much as your text. Photos create confidence in your product and affect consumers on an emotional level, which has a big impact on conversion rate.
  • Photos must depict the product accurately and give the consumer a clear understanding of what they will receive. Don't deceive the customer!

Tell your product story

  • Bullet points tell the story of your product and convince consumers to purchase.
  • Be specific about what the product is used for, and who it's aimed at, so consumers picture themselves using it.
  • Installation and/or usage instructions are just as important as technical specifications. Be clear about exactly what the consumer will receive in the box.

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