A holistic Amazon strategy is vital

Amazon scares retail brands. We know this as our research shows that 60% of businesses are worried about Amazon dominating the shopping landscape; with good reason too - 51% of consumers start their product searches on Amazon, with 55% checking out on Amazon, too.

Yet, this eCommerce giant can bring rich rewards for brands who seek to work with it. Instead of thinking in terms of competing or collaborating with Amazon, the best strategy for many brands is to do both.

Make Amazon part of a balanced channel strategy

Amazon doesn't have a monopoly on eCommerce - yet. Even in USA, half of all online retail takes place on other channels. That's a $200bn market. Elsewhere, non-Amazon online retail is still the majority. For this reason, we don't advocate an Amazon-only approach to eCommerce.

Instead, we work with clients to establish a balanced channel strategy online - across marketplaces, retailer/distributor sites and their own branded site. That means being on Amazon and making full use of other channels, collaborating and competing. That means you can be everywhere the customer is buying, managing your channel mix and maintaining control.

With many of the team having worked inside Amazon and other marketplaces, we bring unique expertise that helps brands increase their results on Amazon. We operate one of the largest consultancies with over 435 brands, 3 million SKUs and $2bn in sales and counting.

How we're helping brands win

We ensure that brands reach consumers at scale, dominate the digital shelf and optimise presence to drive conversion and sales. We do this through a full suite of Amazon focused services, which includes:

eCommerce strategy development • Organisational analysis and planning • Content services • Digital shelf monitoring and management

Channel management including hybrid assessment and planning • Marketing - AMS & Sponsored products • Alexa skills development

Operational services (demand planning consulting, order lifecycle management, supply chain and profitability consulting)

Forging an Amazon strategy

We work with clients to build a high impact Amazon strategy through in-depth analysis and insight to audit current opportunities, use data to drive decision making, optimise to ensure your products are discoverable and easily found by customers, and then we overlay media to drive customers to your products and accelerate your sales.

Amazon tactics and techniques provide high altitude training for the rest of your channels. Thinking in the hyper-competitive context of Amazon helps you become a better retailer online and offline. It encourages you to say the right things in your digital communications, and to think about which products people are really demanding.

Eric Heller

Chief Knowledge Officer, WPP Center of Excellence for Amazon (North America)

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