In our day-to-day, we're often posed the same challenges from our clients:

  • How do we accelerate our eCommerce growth?
  • What capabilities do we need to win in eCommerce?
  • Should we sell on Amazon - and how?
  • Are we focussing on the right initiatives?
  • Are we organised the right way to deliver our eCommerce vision?

In response to these challenges, WT Commerce has developed a framework to rapidly assess where the biggest opportunities lie for your brand (or multiple brands), and how to overcome the challenges that are slowing down your digital progress.

Through digital commerce, brand manufacturers have the option of multiple routes to market. In dealing with the various options, brands often find it tricky to work out where to invest their limited resources, time and budget. And that’s the role of Channel Manager – defining and guiding the focus for brands, giving them direction, identifying the priorities – and barriers – to address, in order to accelerate growth.

How does it work?

Four key areas are analysed as part of the process:

Consumer & Insight Competitor/Category Benchmarking Cross-Channel eCommerce Best Practice Organisational Capabilities

→ Personas

→ Shopper missions & mindsets

→ Category insight

→ Consumer experience journey map

→ Consumer feedback e.g. surveys, enquiries

→ Market leading competitors & challenger/disruptive brands

→ Adjacent categories

→ Legal restrictions

Comparative analysis of:

→ Browse & Search

→ Product Information

→ Content-inspiration & advice

→ Up-sell/cross-sell

→ Basket & Checkout

→ People (org structure, skills, knowledge)

→ Process and Ways of Working

→ Technology (platform & tools)

A proven framework for multiple brands & sectors

For a Premium Spirits business: We shaped the balanced channel strategy for a number of well-known brands owned by the same organisation. We delivered an eCommerce roadmap for each based on their brand strategy and capabilities, and we continue to support their brands and market teams.

For a Home Security brand: This pioneering manufacturer engaged WT Commerce to assess its eCommerce strategy and D2C capability, and to provide recommendations on organisational structure. We delivered an eCommerce strategy in line with their goal of delivering greater consistency and improved CX throughout EMEA for their brands.

For a Health & Beauty conglomerate: Delivering on the objective to validate strategic priorities, incl. B2C eCommerce strategy and organisational structure, we enabled the EMEA eCommerce sponsor to engage both the board and management team. Following our recommendations, we were asked to develop the client’s B2B strategy.

Channel Manager is part of WT Commerce's eRetail suite of services, helping brands execute seamlessly and profitably across all digital channels.

Channel Audit

Channel Audit

We work with you to define your channel strategy, by brand and geography
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