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Figuring out the entire Amazon platform on your own is highly complex and daunting. For every product you list on Amazon, there are more than 700 data fields to optimise. That’s why branded manufacturers and retailers work with us to dominate the digital aisles and shelves at scale.

We know all the categories in depth. We leverage their product data and our channel expertise to optimise performance across marketplace channels.

Today, we support more than 150 brands on marketplaces, generating $12Bn revenue annually on Amazon, Tmall and eBay platforms, with a full suite of services to support operations, across 4 capabilities:


1. Strategy & Consultancy Services

We offer strategic planning and consulting services for branded manufacturers and retailers who sell online.

  • Before developing marketplace strategy, we identify category and segment trends, gain competitor insides, and define the opportunity by looking at growth rates within the category. Afterwards, we develop the strategy based on real time insights.
  • We also provide portfolio and assortment strategy, operational consulting, content and media strategies.

2. Smart Content Management

Amazon is like a department store; consumers come to browse, so you need content that attracts their attention and draws them into your corner of the store. We create consumer-oriented optimised content for all the items in your Amazon catalogue, standardised across international markets, to guide customers to your products.

  • We create your listings from a customer perspective, optimising SEO for Amazon search algorithms
  • Multilingual catalogue management (global marketplaces)
  • We use AI to increase visibility and cross-sell. Clients benefit from long-tail sales uplift and can make changes at scale, quickly and easily. We are the only agency to systematically do this type of content.

3. Media Management

Amazon has evolved as a full scale media platform. Times of simple keyword-driven SEO strategies are over. Discover the complex world of audience and category insights and the resulting audience overlaps and affinity scores. Success on Amazon needs a hybrid approach between Paid Search and Programmatic.

  • We develop and manage Sponsored Ads campaigns (Paid Search Management).
  • DSP: Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads. It enables you to access exclusive Amazon audiences and tap into your ideal shopper base, on and off Amazon.
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud: Conduct analysis with event-level data sets across video, audio, display, and search to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of the customer journey.

4. Business Dashboards

We identify the right numbers you need to run your business. Our dashboard services enable you to access sales and advertising analyses, promotional results, and online content status anytime, from anywhere in the world. All our analyses and graphs can be exported into your presentations with a single click, allowing you to be prepared for any meeting.

Marketplaces is part of our Commerce Execution suite of services, a key capability of eRetail @Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology which helps brands execute seamlessly and profitably across all digital channels.

Commerce Execution services include:

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Social Commerce

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Retail Media

Delivering your campaigns across retail media networks to win the digital shelf
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