Our Service Operations are designed to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution to every client, built on three core components: Service Delivery, Central Operations and Technical Operations.

Through our close client partnerships, we provide a layered approach to service that focuses on best practice operational governance and control. We provide end-to-end visibility of your entire solution and customer journey using live telemetry dashboards, data analytics, and business-driven MI to ensure complete transparency and confidence - you always see what we see.

And we ensure the expertise of our people is supplemented with the latest engineering practices and automation technologies to reduce and simplify workloads, helping to optimise efficiency and deliver consistent quality and value, every time.

Service to support your critical operations include:

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Peak trading planning & operations

Our managed services and applications are tailored to meet client requirements and budgets during peak periods, so they can concentrate on their core business, assured of powerful eCommerce performance.

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Online performance monitoring & testing

Our website performance approach and tools have been honed from 20+ years’ experience with high-volume eCommerce sites, so we can fulfill clients’ enterprise-level commerce needs.

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Ecommerce Trading

To grow and sustain profitable sales, we use trading consultancy to optimise the performance of your digital platform against KPIs, considering a wide range of factors.

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Project & programme management

We lead the way in programme governance and management by developing structures and schedules that your business can count on, with everything tested and secure end-to-end.

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Environment & app support

This is a vital way to protect your revenue and reputation. Our industry and domain experience keep applications and systems stable, optimal and simple to change, within an optimised environment.

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Hosting & third party management

We design, build and support hosted solutions to SLA, with the goal for hosting to be seamless within projects and application management models, yet designed for resilience, scale and easy upgrade.

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Key commerce enablers for winning online:

To succeed both today and in the future, businesses must strategically approach all online sales channels, working across strategy, CX, technology and their data to achieve this. Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technologyis helping clients to do this, and win online through a balanced channel approach. Watch the video for more.

Composable Commerce describes building entire architectures piece-by-piece, comprising distinct services and tools that are integrated to provide the complete marketing, sales and service lifecycle, whilst keeping the customer experience and business needs at the forefront. And it’s set to deliver the foundation for how consumers will buy in the future. Download the report from here.

Businesses have battled hard to pivot through the pandemic, scaling their digital proposition at breakneck speed. Now, there is a feeling we are coming out the other side. So, how are companies organising themselves for future success? We look at the principle of change with a six-step blueprint for omnichannel transformation in a new report.

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