WT Commerce's website performance monitoring service

We've developed our website performance approach tools from many years' experience with high-volume eCommerce sites, so that we can meet your enterprise-level commerce needs.

For greater control and insight, we have a portfolio of review, stress-testing and investigation services. And, to help you keep up with changing commerce needs, we have a suite of analytic and planning tools too.

Website testing

Performance testing is performed using the latest tools with an emphasis on open sources and reusability. These are used, together with a detailed analysis of live site traffic, to deliver realistic workloads to evaluate site performance and capacity, typically with load, stress and soak testing.

User experience optimisation

We improve your user experience with enhancements, such as increased download speeds.

Back-end code review

Refine the performance of specific functions and improve your overall site performance.

Passive website analysis

We provide insight into performance characteristics and offer solid recommendations on how to improve.

Capacity planning for peak-trading protection

Be prepared. Our plans and forecasts for infrastructure capacity trends ready your business for the impact of increased volume.

Major incident investigation and problem resolution

We draw on our experience and technical expertise to find fast and achievable solutions to website performance issues.

Website Monitoring

We provide performance monitoring using 3rd party APM tools and our in-house, open-source, cloud-based SMASH monitoring tool. These provide early visbility of site issues, often allowing them to be dealt with before any significant customer impact develops.

Benefits of our performance services

Opt to cover the whole website with performance testing or simply focus on specific aspects.

Make the most of our experience with our own tried and tested tools for performance testing and data analysis.

Gain access to the collective know-how of our test partners with our 'total ownership' approach.

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