Supporting and planning your peak trading operations

In 2014, we established the UK's first cross-client Peak Operations Room, where we set up a dedicated, multi-disciplined team of engineers to provide an escalation path for online operations teams in the event of load-related issues.

We made the right call too, because we're now seeing most retailers participate in Black Friday sales well before the actual event, with the spread in offers and deals across the Black Friday period and into the festive season placing an ongoing pressure on operations.

Our team of experts have all the right skills needed in this critical time, from operations, front and back-end developers, DBAs and technical architects, to achieve a timely solution. These could be tactical issues such as the need to launch earlier than expected in response to a competitor launch, or if there are any unforeseen operational issues arising during peak periods themselves.

And our operations team are on duty for long periods, from very early mornings to late nights, relieving the pressure from you.

Benefits in working with Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology as your peak trading support partner

Experts in multiple disciplines, such as performance, database (DBA's), technical architects and developers.

Monitors situated to show customer system statistics, so we can see at-a-glance if issues are occurring on the system that might cause problems in advance.

Our Peak Operations Centre will instantly respond if there is an issue which is escalated to them by the support team/

Instant communications for any major or urgent issues.

On-call rotations across the weekend will be in place to respond to issues quickly.

Capability to handle three severity 1 issues simultaneously.

Relevant information on performance metrics and marketing events is noted by our team to ensure your website is ready for peak bursts at the time your marketing campaigns are initiated.

One point of contact with your Service Delivery Manager to ensure clear communication with you at all times.

As an omni-channel games specialist it is important for us to continue to deliver excellence and value for gamers across all our channels especially during the all-important peak sales periods. Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology has really helped us do this, growing our digital market share.

Andrew Grainger

Chief Technology Officer, GAME

Talking Peak Support with Mario

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