Understanding your customer insight

We translate customer data into strategies and campaigns that anticipate individual customer behaviour. Before we formulate measurable action, we find out who will buy next, what they will buy and how much they will spend.

Our insight comes form both internal and external sources, customer interviews, surveys and focus groups. We also take into account trends in buying behaviours, personas and specific market research.

Anonymous Segmentation

We customise and personalise journeys for your anonymous visitors – online, on-mobile, and in-store – so you can convert visitors ahead of your competition.

Usability Testing

Inform your website design with our testing technologies. We observe and evaluate real customers using your website.

Third-party Data Analysis

For a holistic customer view, we analyse data to look for opportunities in wider social trends and behavioural patterns.

Benefits of our customer insight service

Customer insight is used as evidence to identify enhancements and prioritise investment on existing ecommerce websites.

Taking time to watch how your customers use your site and acting on any findings can result in less frustration and more satisfaction for your customers, and a better chance you'll see them again.

Our Digital Intelligence team works with clients, such as Halfords Autocentres, Sainsbury's and Sligro, to identify and segment visitor behaviour to understand the buying trends of their customers.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology fully understands our online and offline customers and how the journeys can sometimes be quite a tangled web and, therefore, on many of the projects that we've done recently, that relationship has meant that we've been able to work seamlessly to improve both our online and offline customer experience.

Andrew Grainger

Chief Technology Officer, GAME

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