Businesses work smarter with data engineering

Today, data is woven into everything; it's no longer just a piece of information a user had intentionally stored. It's part of the fabric of everything we do, every action we take, every place we go, and every device we interact with.

With the change in volumes of data and the growing risks of improper data security controls, businesses need to be smart about what they collect, how long they keep it, who has access to it, and what controls they have around their application development security and the operational security of their data platforms. Businesses need to consider Data Engineering.

Data Engineering is the art of creating systems that can smartly route, persist and enable low latency operations against large volumes of data using strategies that help businesses make good decisions about operational complexity and cost.

Our Data Engineering team excels at crafting reliable solutions for businesses that want to use data to be better, faster and stronger. Our dedicated team is deeply engaged in transformational change at scale for our customers; not just as a development vendor, but also having opportunities to share thought leadership within our customer organisations.

We work to understand real business needs, and align these with what those needs really mean, specifically when it comes to data latency tolerance, data storage and retention, application security, infrastructure resiliency and operational telemetry. We then align each of these needs with the operational budget constraints our customers need to honour.

Benefits of choosing us as your data engineering partner

We believe there are new opportunities to help organisations capture data streams that can help provide greater sales, better customer service, or deeper insight of their customers' interactions with their brand. Data engineering done right can help businesses drive positive changes to their bottom line in a number of ways, including:

  • Improving customer experiences and buyer journeys in mobile and web applications.
  • Faster supply chain lifecycle for returns and exchanges.
  • Providing a faster resolution for customer care engagements.
  • Faster and better decisions about product development and capital improvements.
  • Higher ARPU using smarter, faster targeting.
We established Data Engineering as a natural evolution of a core team that has proven excellence in creating high-performance applications, infrastructure-as-code, data store implementation and even operational teams that enable businesses to do amazing things with high volume data streams.

Nick Vincent

Global Head of Data Engineering, WT Commerce

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