Winning in the age of the customer depends on access to reliable data

However, with most organisations using just 0.5% of data available to them, it’s likely that your organisation is missing out on valuable customer insight.

The Digital Intelligence team at Wunderman Thompson Commerce specialises in helping multichannel organisations manage and interpret their vast amount of data in order to deliver insight-driven change. Our expert team of implementation, data science and optimisation analysts will help you develop the tools and processes needed to become a data-led organisation that gets results.

The 4 key stages

The path to digital intelligence doesn’t need to be complex or confusing. We focus on 4 areas to develop and grow digitally intelligent organisations:

  1. CAPTURE: Capturing Relevant Data That Can Be Trusted
  2. INTEGRATE: Joining Data Sources To Provide A Single Customer View
  3. ANALYSE: Interpreting Data To Provide Practical Recommendations
  4. ACTION: Implementing And Validating Data-Backed Recommendations

Various popular solutions support this:

Measurement Strategy | Data Capture Solution | Single Customer View | Audience Profiling | Behavioural Analytics | Session Replay | Test & Learn | Personalisation

We believe that data reporting alone is not enough. Organisations must be able to take clear action from their data if they are to exceed their customers' expectations and become industry leaders.

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