Through the deployment of best-in-class commerce platforms underpinned by innovative technologies, we’re able to support ambitious client strategies, promoting powerful eCommerce performance. We’ve been doing this for three decades – with hundreds of successful eCommerce platform implementations to our name.

Deploying and integrating best-in-class, future-ready technology to support eCommerce operations through services that include:

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Ecommerce Platforms

We’ve been implementing hundreds of successful eCommerce platforms for leading brands for 30 years. There’s little in enterprise-level eCommerce we have yet to test or deploy.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Through “Satalia” we build decision making systems that drive enormous value for clients by optimising decision-making, increasing efficiency and maximising effectiveness. For many clients, in today’s challenging markets, it’s a game-changer.

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WTC acquires NN4 M

Mobile Technology

Through our mobile commerce specialist “NN4M” we offer deep mobile expertise to deliver sophisticated and powerful mobile solutions on the most advanced app platform in the market.

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New ECommerce Technology

New Commerce Technologies

We leverage our deep experience in future-ready technology and workable innovation to define and apply blueprints for new commerce technology based on your commercial objectives specific tech architecture.

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Commerce Data Management

Our team prides itself on the accuracy of the product data feeds we can deliver. Our solutions and technology continue to evolve, and we now collect information for over 60 million SKUs every day.

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Order Management Systems

We know how to help vendors who find it difficult to manage cross-channel order processes integrate new or existing sales channels, or smoothly orchestrate customer orders.

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Peromance testing

Performance Testing

Our 90-strong testing department transforms the way eCommerce technology solutions are deployed for clients. Through DevOps we’re accelerating software deployment and decreasing time to market.

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Key commerce enablers for winning online:

To succeed both today and in the future, businesses must strategically approach all online sales channels, working across strategy, CX, technology and their data to achieve this. Wunderman Thompson Commerce & Technology is helping clients to do this, and win online through a balanced channel approach. Watch the video for more.

Composable Commerce describes building entire architectures piece-by-piece, comprising distinct services and tools that are integrated to provide the complete marketing, sales and service lifecycle, whilst keeping the customer experience and business needs at the forefront. And it’s set to deliver the foundation for how consumers will buy in the future. Download the report from here.

Businesses have battled hard to pivot through the pandemic, scaling their digital proposition at breakneck speed. Now, there is a feeling we are coming out the other side. So, how are companies organising themselves for future success? We look at the principle of change with a six-step blueprint for omnichannel transformation in a new report.

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