Leveraging our deep experience in future-ready tech and workable innovation, we can define and apply blueprints for new commerce technologies based on your commercial objectives and your specific tech architecture.

Keeping ahead via the latest technologies

The rules of retail are becoming more customer-driven and democratic, and what the customer wants is being led by technological innovation. Our research shows Amazon as the clear leader when it comes to re-thinking customer experiences - and certain brands are making compelling statements too via their D2C play. They continue to streamline CX via tech innovation - Amazon Go no-checkout store, Prime & Prime Now, voice ordering via Alexa, and two-hour grocery delivery service, to name a few examples.

With the advancements in retail technology, retailers have their work cut out. Which is why clients work with us to get future-ready.

Our Innovation team knows the ins and outs of retail innovation, particularly the latest technological trends, and can apply their expertise to your eCommerce operations. Whether you wish to adopt Zero UI (voice recognition, hand gestures), AR, Programmatic Commerce, or seamless delivery processes, we know the technologies to adopt.

Helping clients take advantage of future technologies

We're working with clients such as Selfridges, DFS, Domino's and Sainsbury's to enhance their online platforms by increasing focus on personalisation, improving checkout processes, and ever refining and optimising the customer journey. And we keep ahead of the curve, regularly conducting future-focused consumer research across markets and regions to capture consumer preference and usage of the leading and new technologies.

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