Introducing Commerce Director

Every day, brands miss out on opportunities as customers browse and research products but have no clear path to purchase… In fact, a staggering £2.6 trillion revenue is estimated to be lost globally through friction in the shopping experience.

Commerce Director closes this loop and connects your brand (and your retailers) with your customers, presenting them with real-time, shoppable prices, wherever they’re browsing online.

Commerce Director is an eCommerce tool that enables sales for brands without direct-to-consumer capabilities through shoppable media. It does this by creating a fast and convenient path to purchase, directing audiences to purchase points.

Commerce Director enables you to:

  1. Promote your products directly through any channel
  2. Strengthen relationships with your retailers by driving increased sales
  3. Position key retail accounts for strategic growth
  4. Leverage the power of your engaged audience to increase loyalty
  5. Use data insights to learn more about your audience
  6. Optimise marketing by understanding prospect behaviours and preferences

You can sell your products directly through any channel, collecting and analysing the data to drive future marketing and product insights:

Commerce Director images
Display Brand Social Email Landing Page

Integrate your product into dynamic display campaigns

Creation of on-site assets for customers and retail partners

Products incorporated into social and video channels

Live pricing contained within email campaigns

Create dynamic landing pages linking from campaign touchpoints

(AHC presented solely to illustrate a cross-channel example)

Benefits of Commerce Director

CREATE ACTIVE SHOPPERS: Offer a clear purchase journey for customers, making it easy for them to view live product prices and see where they can buy items when you don’t have eCommerce capabilities on your brand’s website.

SELL MORE PRODUCT TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE: Retarget consumers who have shown interest: use first- and third-party retailer data to get a better understanding of shoppers, including the products they view and the retailers they prefer, and deliver impactful campaigns through social media, emails, and video.

KEEP AN EYE ON KPIS: Review shopper behaviour to assess efficacy: evaluate views and clicks across campaigns to find out which region active consumers are from and which channels and retail partners are the most valuable.

BRAND GROWTH: Add a new layer to existing marketing and supplement standing

Commerce Director is part of our Path to Purchase suite empowering clients to ensure their products are reaching consumers on any channel they’re engaged with them on.

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