We’re proud to introduce Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s Sustainable Commerce Practice. In partnership with clean technology company Vaayu, this global practice is designed specifically to drive responsible consumption across digital commerce channels, providing retailers and brands tangible opportunities to deliver against their environmental commitments.

Following the recent COP26 event that spotlighted the global climate crisis, our partnership with Vaayu will give retailers and brands a platform to measure and meet their environmental commitments, enabled by an automated system and CO2 calculator that can track and reduce emissions in real time.

Our service covers consultancy, design, operations, and technology services to support clients end-to-end in reducing the carbon footprint of their digital commerce propositions to meet the evolving needs of their consumers.

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Consumers care about sustainability and the environment when they shop, yet few companies know how to meet their needs with tangible action

Our Sustainable Commerce Practice can help organisations turn promises and targets into action, with real-time, accurate measurement.

Our approach is focused across 4 key areas:

Sustainable Commerce Practice Consulting


Why and how should clients improve their sustainability credentials in commerce?

Sustainable Commerce Practice Design


How can clients leverage design to deliver better sustainability outcomes in commerce?

Sustainable Commerce Practice Operations


What opportunities do clients have to optimize last mile delivery and returns to reduce its carbon footprint?

Sustainable Commerce Practice Technology


How can clients incentivize sustainable choices from its customers throughout the shopper experience/journey?

About our partner Vaayu

Inspired by technology and the planet, Vaayu was founded in 2020 by Zalando’s former Head of Sustainability, Namrata Sandhu (CEO) – and Luca Schmid (CTO), with a vision to decelerate climate change and decarbonize the retail industry.

As the world’s first automated carbon software, rooted in climate science and technology innovation, Vaayu makes it easy for retailers to manage their environmental impact.

Vaayu provides retailers with a real-time, data-driven solution to measure their carbon footprint, while providing meaningful ways to lower emissions at scale, and move towards carbon neutrality.

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