We are the global consulting partner for organizations who want to build the future. We help our clients define innovative business models and support them through execution. We are also able to leverage the wider Wunderman Thompson capabilities, from creativity to data and technology, to ensure we deliver profitable growth for our clients.

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Consulting Solutions

  • Orchestrating the organisation's ways of working and team structure to deliver growth goals and innovation
  • Typically involves creation of new company structures, including shared service centres and centres of excellence, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the talent the organisation has at its disposal

  • Identifying the required people, processes and technology, delivering a plan to achieve them, and supporting our client as they transform and innovate
  • Typically involves a multi-disciplinary team performing in-depth analysis into the organisation and transforming this into a vision, whilst experienced practitioners get their hands dirty to deliver change

  • Nurturing the culture of our organisations to enable them to innovate and succeed in their transformation projects
  • Typically involves a gap analysis between the current state of the organisation and target state, along with enablement of key influencers to enact change

  • Generating new products, services and delivery mechanisms with our clients
  • Typically involves deep customer research, spanning qualitative, quantitative, behavioural and practical, alongside business case creation and heavy user testing

  • Creating a blueprint for success in a new geography, with a new product or to a new audience
  • Typically involves market and trend analysis, competitive analysis, operations analysis and customer testing, culminating in a detailed business case and delivery plan

  • Supporting our clients in delivering sustainable propositions, or helping them improve the sustainability of their operations
  • Typically involves application of our multi-disciplinary teams and sustainability experts and partners to determine feasibility of proposed initiative and create roadmap to success

  • Designing loyalty schemes that deliver true value to customers and drive revenue growth
  • Typically involves development of customer experience, creation of new loyalty mechanisms, detailed testing with existing and new customers and creation of business case

Consulting Work


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