Successful design, planning and implementation of a new technology is often the main focus of tech programmes, but in reality the conclusion of an implementation is just the beginning.

In-life operations are where the value of your investment is actually realised and it requires just as much rigor and attention to detail as the implementation phase to ensure that your technology platform, and the people, processes and data that support it, keep pace with a changing business landscape. We can help you to manage your technology platforms, keep them fuelled with content and data, make continual enhancements, introduce new features and provide insight and reporting. When it's time to upgrade, we can help you with that too, ensuring your business capability continues to grow without missing a beat.

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Platform and Digital Operations

Sometimes the unexpected happens. A previously undiscovered bug, a security event or an infrastructure outage can cause disruption. Or perhaps your platform or production capacity needs to be temporarily scaled to manage a seasonal peak, a promotion or a Black Friday sale. To manage these types of planned and unplanned events, you need a platform management team that can respond quickly, or even ahead of time to ensure you can deliver a leading customer experience, around the clock and around the globe. We can provide expert day-to-day management of your platforms to minimise risk, avoid lost revenue and maximise customer satisfaction.

Key Technologies: Campaign Management, CRM, Content Management, Experience Management, Commerce

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Platform Support and Development

Business and technology change never stop. New enhancements, new features, new products and new experiences all drive a constant need to continually improve your technology platform to keep up with business demand. Whether you’re enhancing your experience management system, improving your commerce engine or rolling out a new campaign management capability, we can ensure your platform enhancements are rolled out quickly and professionally. You can choose a range of commercial models to do this as needed, or continually as part of a monthly retainer, meaning you can keep your in-house and business teams focused on doing what they do best, without having to worry about the technical foundations.

Key Technologies: Campaign Management, CRM, Content Management, Experience Management, Commerce

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Platform Assurance

Technology vendors work continuously to release new versions of their platforms and eventually your current platform will fall out of support, which can result in extra support costs and additional risks. Not all vendor release cycles are consistent, which can make it difficult to budget for the cost of upgrades and can put unwanted pressure on your capacity to upgrade, without disrupting your business schedule. Our Platform Assurance service is a retainer-based service that ensures migration to the latest version of your platform, without having to fund a specific migration project, and without having to pull all your team from their day jobs to undertake an upgrade.

Key Technologies: Content and Experience Management systems

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Digital Content Production and Operations

Delivering digital experiences requires a constant flow of content to keep the experience fresh, engaging and relevant. New products and services, new promotions and changing seasons all mean that there is a constant task of producing, digitising, publishing, optimising and retiring content. Our Digital Content Production and Operations service draws on our strengths in content and experience management to manage the end-to-end content production lifecycle, freeing you to focus your teams on planning what needs to happen and not being tied up in how it happens.

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Dashboards and Real Time Reporting

Making the right decisions depends on having the right information. Once you have defined the metrics that matter, through setting up your KPI framework, we can help you to establish real time reporting feeds from touchpoints across your customer journey and bring them together in one (or more) places. Know what’s happening on your website, your mobile app, campaigns, customer service touchpoints and your ecommerce sales engine and use the insights we generate to do business smarter.

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Innovation, testing and optimisation

Even with the best quality data and insights at your fingertips, sometimes new ideas just need to be tested to see how effective they really are. But what’s the best way to come up with new ideas? How do you know if they are good ideas? And once they’ve been proven, how do you keep making them better. We can help you to run innovation programmes to put your best minds to work on cracking your biggest business problems, through Hackathons and innovation workshops. We can help you to put those innovations into action and run testing to determine whether they really do work and kick them into action. Once they are live, we can continue to use testing and insight to continually optimise for different customer segments.

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