Wunderman Thompson is part creative agency, part marketing consultancy, and part technology company.

We’re experts in data consulting, marketing science, and data-driven personalization serving 150 markets globally.

What does this mean?

It means that our team of data experts helps brands analyze the data they have to develop personalized marketing campaigns that create better connections with their customers and drive growth.


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Data consulting

We help our clients become more effective marketers by understanding what they need in order to deliver the best customer experiences. This improves the return on their marketing investment.

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Marketing science

We deliver consumer insights and customer segmentation using applied AI and machine learning. This helps our clients optimize their marketing and make better decisions.

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We help our clients use data to deliver more personal and powerful communication, customer experiences, and commerce journeys.

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Data Work


Vaccination Readiness Model

Identifying vaccine readiness with data-driven targeting solutions
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Multinational Oil and Gas Company

A journey of digital transformation

Accelerating CRM and loyalty transformation from mass customised offers to personally relevant rewards
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Leading Cruise Line

Automation and Personalization at Scale

Delivering Global Personalization at Scale and Cutting through the 'clutter' during Black Friday for one of the largest Cruise Line operators in the world.
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Cruise line case study hero image
Leading Hospitality Client

Operationalizing people-based marketing at scale

Driving loyalty marketing towards a personalized approach by delivering a segmentation solution
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Travel 8
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Theraflu Tracker

The best way to avoid the flu is by predicting it.
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Data Études

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The Marketers Roadmap to the Metaverse

Your brand and the metaverse
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Successful AI ML for marketing is not a product you can buy off the shelf Zimm Zimmerman

Successful AI/ML for marketing is not a product you can buy off the shelf

Key principles that are generating real ROI from marketing AI/ML solutions
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A practical approach to data ethics
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Winning audience mindshare in the pharmaceutical industry Jen Perry Stephen Troncoso

Winning audience mindshare in the pharmaceutical industry

Differentiation strategies in healthcare driven by human value systems
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Data Actualités

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DataCon Africa 2022 report back

It’s time to shorten the gap between data and decision-making
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Wunderman Thompson builds SA digital skills base with the Data Learnership Academy

Read about the amazing work our Data Learnership Academy is doing to address the skills shortage in the marketing technology industry in South Africa
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Measuring Your Digital Impact

Filip von Reiche teams up with Gaetan Philippot from AB Tasty to discuss the roles all types of metrics play when measuring a brand’s digital impact.
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SM Data Storytelling Council Chapter 2
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Integrity in Data Storytelling

The latest I-COM Emerging Issues in Data Storytelling series chapter explores 'Integrity in Data Storytelling' with David Lloyd and Jared Rodecker.
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