Picture a world where every interaction you have with a brand is tailor-made just for you. Sounds like a dream right? But it's a reality with with Adobe, Sinch, and Wunderman Thompson MAP.

Adobe Experience Platform is a personalisation powerhouse, effortlessly collecting, managing and acting on customer data across all your favourite touch points, now and in the future. Sinch complements this by powering meaningful conversations at scale across mobile, social, and web channels, including conversational channels and voice. By orchestrating unified, personalised experiences through a customer's preferred channels, brands can engage in relevant and personalised ways.

Together, Adobe, Sinch and Wunderman Thompson MAP enable brands to predict their customers' every move and deliver personalised experiences that leave them wowed. And the best part? Even if the customer experience landscape changes, you'll never be left behind.

Welcome to the Hackathon - 5th Edition

Hackathon 5

The brightest minds from Adobe, Sinch and Wunderman Thompson MAP joined forces to create something truly remarkable. After two months of intense preparation, our four teams spent 72 hours crafting innovative and humanized experiences in conversational channels, transforming one-to-one moments into thoughtful dialogue, all in real-time and powered by Sinch and the Adobe Experience Platform.

Watch below to see our 72-hour innovation in action!

Hackathon 5th Ed External Video 2022 12 01

Dive into the world of real-time customer experiences!

Hackathon output

The recent Hackathon was all about pushing the boundaries of personalisation and the tech in conversational channels such as RCS (Rich Communication Services), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon's Alexa!

As a result, brands can tailor its messaging to maximise customer satisfaction and create lasting relationships. But don't just take our word for it! Check out some of the incredible use cases that were built during the Hackathon.

Explore the Solutions for Retail, Automotive & Financial Services

See what can be developed in just 72 hours while pushing the technical platforms to deliver. If you would like to see a live demo of the use cases, we invite you to get in touch.

Innovation flourishes at hackathons where we embrace discomfort, push boundaries, and fearlessly tackle the unknown to create something truly groundbreaking.

Ben Forsaith

Director, Partner Success - Adobe

If you are ready to take your personalisation game to the next level, then reach out to our team for an informal conversation.

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Juliette Hamilton

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