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According to our research in the Future Shopper 2022 consumers are now spending more online compared to the spend in brick-and-mortar stores. Why? Because overall the experience is better online. Your business needs to be ready for a world where online is the main channel and your customers are digitally minded. Because consumers are craving for seamlessly integrated experiences across physical and digital stores.

82% of consumers actually use their mobile device to research and compare products while they are in a physical store. In order for ambitious brands to create the best possible digital shelf, they must focus on building a great online experience.

Are you ready to conquer the digital shelf?

30% of consumers rather go to a competitor with better product experiences to buy the same product

Future Shopper Report, 2022

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ShelfMaster helps brands push the limits of the digital shelf. With ShelfMaster brands can balance their ecosystem, insights and content, driven by people, processes and technology.

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Case: Enabling super-efficient digital workflows for Edrington

Building and maintaining an online presence across platforms which resulted in a strongly improved quality of data and a 10% increase in sales in the first year.

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Welcome to the world of creating great product experiences
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