We are living through an age of astonishing technological advancement. For anyone in business, keeping tabs on tech trends has become essential. New technologies are emerging that raise the bar in business intelligence, optimisation, customer experience, revenue opportunities and beyond.

To get a better understanding of how businesses view them, and what their priorities and needs around adoption are, we surveyed business leaders across the UK, US and China. We quizzed them on a top 6 technologies that are set to become major disruptive influences on business and commerce:

  • AI, Blockchain, Decentralised Identity tech, the Metaverse, Web 3.0 and XR (extended reality)

Download this new report where we examine the tech flightpath to the near future, and what it means for businesses today. And don't miss the selected findings below.

Download the report

WTC Disruptive Technologies

Uptake of these new technological advances is vital for future business success

These new technologies will revolutionise businesses

Consumer expectation is a driving force for innovation

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