Wunderman Thompson is proud to launch Fund Femme – a global platform to support women and non-binary owned businesses and help level the playing field for female entrepreneurs in the global economy.

Despite making up 50% of the population and having 80% of spending power, women represent only 33% of business owners. COVID-19 has dealt a massive blow to femme-owned business, with women-founded start-ups receiving 27% less funding.

Similarly, women were a third more likely to work, or own a company, in a sector that was shut due to COVID-19 regulations last year. With the investment gap widening, small-to-medium sized femme-owned businesses have become even more vulnerable.

Fund Femme aims to drive growth and inspire change by making it easier to discover, and shop from, women-owned and non-binary owned businesses. It’s designed to tip the scales and put balance back into the global economy. Together, we can support the cause by choosing where we spend, how we spend and who we spend with.

A core part of the platform’s mission is to celebrate and promote femme founders, tell their stories and establish support networks for business owners via an editorial hub on the website and designated Instagram @FundFemme.

How You Can Help

The aim is to create the world’s largest database of women and non-binary businesses - and entrepreneurs all over the world are invited to sign up and take part at fundfemme.com. Businesses joining can be of any size, all that is asked is that the entrepreneurs share Fund Femme’s principles rooted in equality, ethics, honestly, passion and consideration.

Visit fundfemme.com to search or nominate from over 1,000 women-owned businesses in our global database – and start spending! Discover and shop from women and non-binary business owners across beauty, fashion, food, homeware, technology, health and wellness, travel, fitness, arts and culture, media and charities, and filter your choices based on category, location or tags that business have added to identify themselves.


Our economy does not represent us, and that needs to change. By giving businesses owned by women and non-binary people a platform, we hope to make people more aware of the many amazing founders out there who are often overlooked. By thinking more about who we support when we spend our money and changing our shopping habits to reflect this, we can create genuine, long-lasting change and bring our economy back into balance.

Oriel Irvine Wells

Co-Founder of Fund Femme and Copywriter at Wunderman Thompson UK

Only 3% of venture capital funding currently goes to women-owned businesses despite the fact they deliver higher revenue on average. That’s an imbalance that needs to change. We know the reasons why, I could reel off stats all day about the benefits of a balanced, representative economy. My hope is that Fund Femme, that’s born from a group of smart, ambitious and passionate women, can be a part of that change, providing a platform for underrepresented businesses to flourish. We’re 100% behind this at Wunderman Thompson, so I’d urge everyone to think about the businesses you know that can join the movement, and how you use your spending power moving forward. Every pound plays a role in shifting the scale.

Pip Hulbert

UK CEO of Wunderman Thompson

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