With this appointment, Wunderman Thompson Tokyo will be led by the network's youngest CEO.

Suzuki joined Dentsu in 2007. As a creative director and strategic planner, he was engaged in work for both domestic and international clients. In 2019, he was involved in the launch of the advertising business for TikTok. He established the Global Business Marketing Division, contributing to TikTok For Business Japan's exponential growth and brand building in the advertising market.

In his new position at Wunderman Thompson Tokyo, Suzuki will leverage his advertising and tech background to integrate Wunderman Thompson Tokyo's strengths in creativity and digital capabilities and redefine Wunderman Thompson Tokyo as a Growth Partner that contributes to advertisers' business growth and corporate value enhancement. His appointment will strengthen W Wunderman Thompson Tokyo's management structure and achieve further business growth in the Japanese market.

[Remarks from Akira Suzuki]

“In addition to its traditional agency functions, Wunderman Thompson Tokyo's strength lies in its digital capabilities, particularly in the CX, Data, Tech, and EC domains. Leveraging these strengths, we will redefine Wunderman Thompson Tokyo as a Growth Partner that solves marketing communication challenges and contributes to business transformation.

An attribute of digital that everything is measurable has brought transparency of results, accompanied by accountability to our business. It is no longer acceptable to take a one-step-back stance in representing our clients' marketing communications; instead, as a partner, we have to be proactively involved in the conception, implementation, and validation of their business and commit to increasing sales, profits, and corporate value as the common goal of both parties.

We look forward to becoming the Growth Partner for our clients striving for ambitious growth.”

Akira Suzuki1 Square

Wunderman Thompson Tokyo CEO Akira Suzuki joined Dentsu in 2007. At Dentsu, he was engaged in marketing strategy development for domestic and overseas clients as a creative director and strategic planner. After joining TikTok For Business in 2019, he contributed to TikTok For Business's exponential growth and brand building in the advertising market.

TikTok For Business's exponential growth and brand building in the advertising market. In 2016, the Foreign Policy Magazine chose him as one of the '100 Leading Global Thinkers' along with Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and Mark Zuckerberg. And he was part of '40 Under 40 in 2018' picked by Campaign Magazine. His work has also won over 180 international marketing and creative awards, including Cannes Lions. He served as the jury for Cannes Lions 2020/2021

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