The winners of the American Advertising Awards have been announced and we're delighted to share Wunderman Thompson's Creative Data Group has received three National ADDY Awards for the 'Meet Sarha' campaign for STC!

They were awarded two Gold in Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology and Integrated Advertising Campaigns, as well as the prestigious National Judges Choice Award for creating the world's first content-creating camel, who roamed the vast Saudi desert putting STC’s network through the ultimate test while also unveiling the unseen wonders of Saudi Arabia when the country is re-opening for tourism.

I'm super proud of the Creative Data Group’s participation on this, and grateful to the fantastic teams in Saudi Arabia, Seattle, and Costa Rica, who came up with this amazing idea and invited us to work with them on it. 'Meet Sarha' is one of the best examples of Wunderman Thompson coming together as a global network to make impossible work happen, so it's great to see the campaign receive this national recognition.

Jason Carmel

Global Lead, Wunderman Thompson Creative Data

See The Work

Watch the video to see how Wunderman Thompson brought together our expertise in data, creativity and technology to demonstrate the power of Saudi Telecom wireless

STC Meet Sarha LYNX Generic Integrated Brand Experience

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