I saw the birth of the Wunderman Thompson project only a year after I had joined the SCPF office in Madrid as Executive Creative Director. I still do now what I did then, only with a broader vision and in the company of professionals who work communication from many more angles.

I have always been fascinated by innovation. I remember when we got Apple's first Macintosh LC... I remember opening the first version of Photoshop for the first time and seeing that colour palette... I remember retouching the first photos and creating small animations... Then those computers started to get connected to the Internet, in conclusion… This is how, without realising it, I started working in advertising. First as a Creative Programmer and later as an Art Director. My first big agency was Grey, followed by Shackleton, Havas, The Cyranos and Lola, until I joined SCPF. And the best part is the fact that, after 20 years, I still think this is just the beginning.

I believe in the ability of emotions to connect people and consolidate relationships. And that's what brands do for me. I’m devoted to this business because I love brands. Behind a good brand there is always a good idea, a good project thought up by someone who wants to improve what's around them. I believe that technology helps us to advance and improve in this direction, but I think that there always has to be people behind it.

I’m proud to have helped the agencies where I have been to grow and to build the some of the brands I have worked with. There have also been acknowledgements in the form of awards, which is always cause for satisfaction, although it is true that the best reward is when the campaign works where it’s meant to, in the streets.

When I leave work, I carry on enjoying doing what I love. Being with my family, enjoying art in all its forms and, from time to time, dreaming of setting up a small art gallery or a toy shop in the future. Or maybe both together.