Andy Rutberg is the Global CEO of Wunderman Thomson MSC, which serves as the offshore production and studio arm of Wunderman Thompson. As Global CEO, Andy oversees 2,000 employees across 12 centers, including marketing operations specialists, workflow and DAM experts; production strategists; digital production specialists; video editors; social listeners and technologists.

Andy is an innovative leader with a deep passion for customers, helping them navigate the challenging process of achieving measurable return on marketing investment. He has a proven track record of catapulting an organization’s ability to “raise the bar” to compete, win and lead in new markets.

Andy joined Wunderman as its first Chief Data officer in 2005 and built a robust data and analytics practice for clients such as Microsoft, Dell and Nokia.

In 2007 starting with a small digital production team in Buenos Aires, Andy built Wunderman Thompson MSC into one of the largest production technology groups in the industry. Today under his leadership the company has grown in size to reach 2000+ people delivering onshore; nearshore and offshore marketing technology services for fortune 500 global clients such as Microsoft, Ford, Colgate, United Airlines, Shell, Dell, GSK, HSBC including: Production Operating Models and Platforms; Production Strategy; Production Studios and Scaled Production.

Prior to joining Wunderman Thompson, Andy held senior positions at IBM, Harte Hanks and BCBS, and was the founder and CEO of his own ERP software company.

Outside of work, Andy loves to spend time with his children, as well as paddle board on the lakes around Massachusetts and Cape Cod. He lives in Boston.