Ashley Amanna, an active Digital Consumer with 10+ years in the areas of Domain Monetizing, Ad Platforms & Tech, Start-ups, Digital Marketing, Brand Building & E-Business. At Wunderman he is currently motivating Brands, clients and agencies to embrace opportunities afforded by new platforms, develop comprehensive ROI driven strategies that improve overall E-Business efficiency. In his last stint at LOREAL Indonesia as the of building Digital and Ecommerce capabilities he was helping sell all sort of makeup products across digital touchpoints.

Though technically a millennial he identifies himself as a Xennial as he shares the drive and cynicism of a GenX and the optimism of a Millennial. His fav brands include Adidas & Xiaomi. When not filling timesheets , he is backing product on Kickstarter as an avid Kickstarter Backer, he loves the thrill and sense of pride associated to see a product come to life because of a small contribution and trust.

Ashley loves watching active sports like Football, Tennis, Boxing & Athletics. Chelsea being his favourite club.