I have participated in building and developing WT since it was founded, leading the creativity and strategy team. I’m interested in, and motivated by, the product that this area promotes, the interaction with all the agency's other areas and disciplines and the creation of a contemporary concept of agency.

I started my professional activity in 1986 in the field of graphic design, to later enter the field of art direction and creative direction. My career has included working at Roda Altarriba Estudio, Viceversa RSCG, Vinizius Young & Rubicam, Alta Definición Washington Olivetto and Delvico Bates. In 1996, I formed part of the team that created SCPF, as a Partner and Executive Creative Director.

What moves me every day is that this profession pushes you to work on the best version of yourself from the most positive state of mind. Likewise, a core motivation is the fact that, while this is a very demanding profession, it is also enormously enriching on a professional and personal level, since well understood, it is based on exchange and mixing: of knowledge, of experiences, of human quality.

I consider it an achievement every time that I have been able to better understand what's around me and, as a result, feel oriented to be able to improve the quality of my contribution to the organisation I am part of. Having been a Partner and Executive Creative Director of SCPF for over 20 years is the best tangible expression of this. Right now, I feel the buzz and energy that a new project generates plus the confidence that many years of experience have given me.

Parallel to my professional life, my dedication is focused on my family, which is a constant source of energy, learning and, above all, love. Another mainstay in my life is nature, where I feel very comfortable and where I am absolutely sure that there are not only all the answers, but also the most appropriate questions. So I try to spend as much time as I can with nature.