Joining the company in 2007, David has been our Technology Director at Wunderman Thompson\MSC since 2016. During his tenure, David has seen his role grow from being involved in several internal WPP technology projects to spearheading the development of three of the company’s own enterprise systems that run 24/7 and have more than 7000 users around the globe.

Deeply involved in all things tech-related at Wunderman Thompson\MSC, David’s work stretches far beyond our Copenhagen office. As the founder of a cross-border IT operations team that runs anywhere from Bangladesh to the United States, David works across time zones to ensure infrastructure consistency and security throughout the organization.

Coupled with more than 30 years of IT experience, 14 of which have been in management, David’s motto around the office is “When it breaks, just fix it.” These principles align well with his commitment to tech and problem solving as a leading member in system deployment, building of the hosting center, and migration of the company’s servers to the cloud among other enterprise development projects.

When he’s not collaborating internationally at work, David spends his free time biking, reading, running, and tending to his garden.