Thirteen years of experience in brands building, comms and content planning, trends, strong knowledge in psychoanalytic psychology in research and deepening in planning, research, analysis, measurement and optimization of business goals, communication strategies, such as brand building and consulting, consumer behaviors from social culture and digital. Although more than a publicist, I am a person who sees things differently.

On a professional level throughout my career, and mainly motivated by my personality and interests, I have been instructed in the understanding of the consumer and his culture not only from in-depth qualitative research, but also from the healing and analysis of various sources of data for the finding of new forms of content construction and the creation of experiences.

She has worked not only in agencies such as BBDO in brand planning and positioning, but also in the analysis of communities and culture in digital media for startups such as the Betazeta network, part of the Copesa group in Chile, Spain and Mexico.