In 2006 while studying at the University of Fine Arts Gábor began his career in a design studio. His knowledge of art eras and style trends, and his passion for architecture formed his ideas/views/world-view (any of these, but not mentality) and resulted in a structured attitude with a diverse visual palette. In 2010 he was hired as a graphic designer by the leading digital agency at the time. Soon he became Art Director and started to work in digital design first, then moved on to functional strategies. As core member of international projects, he learnt the methodologies of data collection and the identification of cultural differences, and was thus able to understand users with diverse backgrounds. With his experience and keen interest in business he was able to deliver what clients needed. In 2017 he became an advisor of management, lending support in strategy, business, project planning and team building, while he was entrusted with the leadership of the UX team. In 2019 he became full member of management, as UI/UX lead, which led to the creation of the DXC division in 2020. Besides his day-to-day profession he also held a position in a university mentoring students in UX and UI. Recently, Budapest UI Academy invited him to take part in a long-term teaching collaboration, which confirms his personal creado: "To be a credible and good leader, you have to be the best designer in the team - that's what I always strive for".