Graça Magalhaes leads the Client Service team at Wunderman Thompson Lisbon. As a human-centric leader, Graça believes that teamwork and trust go hand in hand.

With 30 years of experience in the field of communication, working with brands from the most varied categories, she has learnt that trust is fed from results but also with truth, empathy and passion. She is proud of building, alongside with her teams, strong and enduring relationships with clients. Evidence of that is the leadership of a team that since 2001 keeps contributing, day after day, to the success of the TelCo brand with the highest reputation in Portugal - Vodafone.

Her passion about human behavior led to a degree in sociology, and her curiosity over persuasion combined with gaining knowledge on decision making processes, opened the doors to the market research area. That was a first step towards later surrendering to creative agencies, where knowledge about the consumer combined with the value of ideas would show her the real power of creating and nurturing brands.

For 15 years, she was Board and Service Client Director of J. Walter Thompson Lisbon. During this tenure, she led agency teams and clients embracing growth and transformation.

Now, as in her early days, she is taking part of this exciting new cycle where creativity, data and technology are the most powerful combination to inspire the new challenges ahead.