As a People and Culture Officer, Kata is delighted to keep the human element of work in the company.

Her work is rooted in an understanding of adult education, having been a head teacher for nearly two decades, then working for different corporations as coach and trainer.

At present, employee selection, development and engagement are her main responsibilities and being a certified coach herself, her mission is not less than helping people live better lives and experience at Wunderman Thompson, to lead people to greater discovery about themselves, their peers and the organization so that they become the best version of themselves.

Kata is glad to work for an organization where she can devote her energies to pinpointing what makes people special and unique and be part of a leadership team that supports the idea of building a diverse culture where whatever career people might have they can have more and more opportunities to do what they are best at. She is pleased to be part of Wunderman Thompson’s THRIVE certified trainers to help employees understand the best ways to cultivate performance and trust.

She is a proud wife, mother of three great children, loves to play board games, laugh, dance and socialize with her family and friends.