As Managing Director of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, Parattjariya is responsible for laisiing directly between clients and agency relationship and business partnership to deliver the creative solution derived from business understanding using data, technology, creative, and connecting all the services within group and network as solution to answer all the business challenges and to help our clients grow.

Parattajariya have brought her more than 25 years of experience in integrated communication, and experience marketing (activation) working with various types of business both in J.Walter Thompson Thailand and Singapore office. She has diverse experience involving different types of client businesses include FMCG (Hair, Skin, Beauty, Food, Beverage, and Baby product), Telecommunication, Property, Banking, Airline, Petrol, Automotive, Insurance, Government Authority, pharmaceutical, and social platform business.

Parattajariya believes in using any form of consumer data & insight in any format either it will be first hand data from first hands observation, research, CRM data, social listening, consumer behavior media data – analytics together with product insight to be the key starting point to crack the right strategy and to be the stimulus for all creative solution. And she is the believer of all the possibilities, there is a NO answer to any challenge till we really give it a shot to try.