Stella Pirani is CSO of Wunderman Thompson Brazil. Stella leads the agency's planning, insights, media, data and platform teams.

Responsible for challenging a more creative bravery and integrated vision to: Avon, J&J, Netflix, Google, Coca-Cola, C&A, Nestlé, Kroton, Dell, Shell, among others - from strategy to execution.

In 2 years, acquired to nomination for the Caboré Award, in 2020 it was as a planning professional and in 2022 was the winner for the strategy professional in Brazil.

Since she runs strategy at the agency, she has collected 31 Effies Brasil / LATAM in her last 3 years. Her journey on juries includes: The One show for 2023, El Ojo 2021 and 2022, Effie Brasil from 2018 to 2022, Effie Latam 2019 and 2020, MMA Smarties 2021, always committed to understand the strategic perspective - the idea behind the idea - into the creativity that really works.

In these last 3 years, WT Brazil has a lot of Stella:

Works that transform brands and segments.

Works that reframe important guidelines for people.

Works that accelerate business growth.