Re-inventing the role of modern brands

Watch the video below to discover how cutting-edge companies are harnessing the power of technology to reinvent their role in the world, driving unprecedented growth through immersive new customer experiences.

At Transform 22, we explored how brands are using the latest technologies to reimagine their relationship with consumers from the first point of contact to the last.

We broke down the core components of successful customer engagement. What role does creative bravery play in inspiring consumers and creating emotional connections? How can data help drive relevant, personalized experiences? How can we ensure that every interaction is a meaningful interaction? Crucially, how is technology changing the playing field and revolutionizing the way brands engage with their customers?

We also examined the human implications of creating immersive, technologically-enabled experiences in the age of AI – what are the moral issues surrounding its increased use and the role of data ethics in a world of personalization?

Click below to experience Transform 2022: Tech:Xperience.

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On-Demand Sessions

02 Cleve Gibbon

Creating Human-Centered Experiences

Cleve Gibbon, WT NA Chief Technology Officer

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05 Jason Carmel Ilinca Barsan

Quantum Expectations

Jason Carmel, Global Lead, WT Creative Data Group

Ilinca Barsan, Director, WT Data Science

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03 A Brave New World

A Brave New World

Carrie Philpott, WT NA Chief Client Officer

Sahar Khan, Global Marketing Director, Oral Health, J&J

Roberto Cymrot, Director Consumer Insights, Samsung

Bianca Da Silva, Global Digital Director, Beam Suntory

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Corey Rados On Demand

Future of Commerce is Now

Corey Rados, Augmented Reality Solutions Partner, Snap Inc.

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06 Alex Steer

Data Mapping Humanity

Alex Steer, WT Global Chief Data Officer

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07 Emily Safian Demers Naji El Arifi

Next-generation Retail

Emily Safian-Demers, Editor, WT Intelligence

Naji El-Arifi, Head of Innovation, WT Commerce

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08 Keiron Mccann

The Experience Revolution

Kieron McCann, Strategy Director WT Technology

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09 Daniel Hulme

Will Robots Rule the World?

Daniel Hulme, WPP Chief AI Officer

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10 Dania Alarcon Josiah Zayner

Bio-hacking: the Next Phase of Human Evolution?

Dania Alarcon, Chief Medical Officer, WT Health

Josiah Zayner, Founder and CEO, The Odin

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Global versus local versus personal

Global Versus Local Versus Personal

Islam El Dessouky, Global Creative Strategy Director Hydration, Sports, Tea and Coffee, Coca Cola

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Heritage versus modernity

Heritage Versus Modernity

Mark Davies, VP Global Strategic Business Unit, Nestle SA

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Securing sustainability

Securing Sustainability

Namrata Sandhu, Co-Founder and CEO, Vaayu

Ruth Zohrer, Global Chief Client Success Officer,
WT Commerce

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Buidling A Viable New Reality

Building a Viable New Reality

Allison Dowd, WT Global Sustainability Manager
La’Zette Lafontant, WT VP Operations, Global IE&D

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Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud

Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud

Paul Edwards, Bloomreach Technical Product Marketing Manager

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The Impact of Relevance in the Age of the Customer

The Impact of Relevance in the Age of the Customer

Brian McGlynn, VP Commerce, Coveo

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Transform 2022 Recap

In case you missed out on Transform 2022 or just want the main themes summarized quickly and succinctly, we’ve pulled together this handy recap video. Click below for our top highlights, main themes and suggested next steps.

WT WT Transform Recap V1 4

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