Heinz proved that, on Halloween, being scared is 100% natural.

By revealing to the world that natural tomatoes usually have a terrifying face, we put the naturalness of Heinz ketchup at the center of the conversation, while being relevant in one of the most ad-saturated moments of the year. Reaching 15M impressions in less than 24 hours and making an impact on more than 11 countries, being named as one of the Top 5 Campaigns of Halloween by Ad Age.

Terrifying Tomatoes Video Case Cannes 2023
This is one of those campaigns that manages to connect the dots naturally. Heinz's strategy and personality, the tomato, which is its main ingredient, and one of the parties that generates the most conversation throughout the year. And, naturally, it worked.

Paco Badia

Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Spain

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