Finding common ground to make a difference addressing gun safety

Taking a different approach to gun safety, 'Aim for Change' aims to inspire the voice of actual gun owners who want effective gun control laws. These gun owners are committed to action through mailable 'target sheet' petitions that will be sent to Washington DC to find solutions to address gun violence. Within 24 hours of its launch, it generated over 500 petitions and drew the attention of Billboard magazine, industry press, and gun-related research leaders at Tufts University. It was also named an AdAge Editor's Pick.

Aim for a Change V17 final Mix
We need to find common ground to make progress, which is why we partnered with 97Percent, who are approaching this issue differently and engaging gun owners who could make a difference.

Tom Murphy

CCO, Wunderman Thompson North America

Gun-related homicides have remained a crisis in America, with more than 13,900 people killed in 2023 alone. Despite countless pleas from political figures and marketing campaigns, little has changed.

Campaigns often miss connecting with a key group: gun owners. We sought to address gun owners with four key gun laws that could help reduce gun-related homicides by 28%.

We found our opportunity through a key activity gun owners participate in – gun ranges.

We turned target sheets into petitions for gun owners to show support for four gun laws that would help make America safe.

By providing gun owners with targets that feature campaign messaging, we gave them a chance to voice their support. The targets also doubled as self-mailers, designed to be sent directly to Congress, allowing gun owners to advocate for the change they want to see.

We're eager to share the total amount of petitions mailed to Congress in coming weeks!

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