While Indonesians were trying to flatten the pandemic curve by staying at home, another pandemic started to rise. The bored-to-death younger generation turned to Twitter to vent their negativity and infect other people with their urge to break the pandemic restrictions. How could Aqua – a brand that spreads wellness change the mind of these netzines about staying home?


We identified that the overwhelming majority of young people were turning to Twitter to vent their frustrations. The question we had to ask was: How can we make all this negativity purposeful?


Through social media listening, we located the ”super spreaders” of negativity and retweeted their rants. We then created a video of actual front-line workers reading out these tweets and reacting to them in real-time.


The campaign was completely embraced by the younger generation, getting praise and support throughout the nation

Receiving over 2.3 million views and over 6.5k retweets in just the first week.

People started tweeting their positive take on staying at home and after 1 week we’ve already started flattening the negativity curve!

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