Over 700 new burger restaurants opened in Jordan between 2021-2022, further crowding the scene and fueling the competition between burger joints and makers of burgers that can be prepared at home. Nabil, the number one producer of burgers, was feeling the heat.


Jordanians no longer felt the need to prepare their own burgers at home when hundreds of burger restaurants were competing to satisfy their appetite.

Yes, there are plenty of ready made burgers to choose from but there are almost none that offer more than the classic ingredients and combinations; no one was coming up with any wild recipes… up until now!


Nabil Presents:


How crazy can you go with a burger?

We asked burger lovers to experiment with ingredients that were never before associated with Burger… starting with only a patty in hand and an imagination gone wild.


Burger lovers caught the fever almost instantly, food influencers jumped on the bandwagon, and even some burger joints couldn't resist taking part, bringing unthinkable ingredients to the game.

And in less than a month:

+3.5 Million impressions

+2K Daily website visits

14% Increase in Nabil’s burger sales.

And we ended up expanding the burger menu by over 350 recipes.

Burger Fever Case film

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