To break through a tea dominated market Egypt is a tea market, The habit of having a cup of tea is part of our culture. Egyptians link drinking tea with any occasion that happens during our daily routine and nothing is more accessible, convenient, or affordable than a cup of tea. 92% of hot beverages consumed yearly in Egypt is dominated by Tea.


The Insight initiated by knowing and understanding the daily struggle of our target. Young blue collars are so consumed by making their daily needs meet that they often do not have the means to plan for their tomorrow. Owning an apartment is their main source of stress and the reason they must work every day. We knew that blue collar workers always need a boost to get them through their hectic workdays and this is where Bonjorno stepped in, bringing them their charge while providing them with the needed support.


Owning an apartment in Egypt is a great investment for those who can afford it. Buying a coffee mix sachet granted people the chance to win a luxury apartment through a national raffle. Since we are the best-selling instant coffee brand, we decided to make our users feel like they are part of the brand, not just a buyer/observer through engaging with them in a promotion that appeal to their daily struggles and integrate ourselves in their daily lives.


Surpassed the previous promotion with 71% increase in sales and 78% increase in Engagement.

Bonjorno Case

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