As the world spends hundreds of billions of dollars on fossil fuel subsidies, priorities must shift if humanity and the Earth are to survive. The global pandemic has shaken the world, but it also provides a unique opportunity to re-imagine a sustainable future for all.


The dinosaurs had an asteroid, what’s our excuse?

Given there is no silver bullet argument against climate inaction that appeals to everyone; the 7 billion strong audience each clings to different excuses to justify it. To curb inaction, we created The World of Excuses.


The World of Excuses is a digital eco-system that aims to propel people beyond awareness, and inspire the world to move from apathy to action and help save the planet.

The experience allows users to click into each excuse that threaten our survival, pictured as asteroids looming above the earth that threaten to do the same. Within each they will find information and tools to provide direct action. The tools include a Chrome Plugin Thesaurus Rex, designed to help people navigated the terms around fossil fuels online, The Voice of Reason, an Alexa skill that disarmingly rebuts every climate change myth or excuse; a spin on The Birds and The Bees with an e-book that gives children the arguments they need to convince their parents and peers. All being rolled out by the end of 2022.

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2022 One Show

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