To identify a new purposeful strategic positioning, applicable to the communication of different household products of the Sanitas brand’s range.


The general strive for overall wellness in a holistic level, that has been accelerated by the latest health crisis, has been pushing forward, the demand for constant improvement of the efficiency of products in the areas of household cleaning and hygiene. This offered clear direction for the development of a brand purpose that could elevate Sanitas’s objective to constantly develop superior quality products to a higher order level.


Everything can be better! Instead of talking about a grand mission that contributes to making the world a better place, to make the innovation and upgrade of household products a grand mission, through illustrating their importance in the betterment of everyday life.


The campaign offers Sanitas for the first time the ability to start following a strategic path of long-term, mother brand equity building that allows it to enter various product categories of the household products market. Furthermore, operating in price sensitive, commoditized product category that has been severely hit by the repercussions of the latest global economic developments, the campaign helped Sanitas maintain market leadership position in the garbage bags and in the food packaging categories and to strongly enter the household cleaning products category. Moreover, the campaign has been proven so successful that is also adapted for use in five more EMEA region markets the company’s household division operates in.

Sanitas Baking Paper v12 35s FIN Subtitled
Sanitas Silver Block v12 39s FIN Subtitled
Sanitas Flex N Strong v11 36s FIN Subtitled

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