Offerings by local health insurance companies lacked a clear differentiation. So when Triple-S Advantage, the leading company in this category, had to launch the newest version of their senior health plan, it had to do it in an innovative way to make it clear to consumers that Triple-S Advantage was the only company that truly understands them and their needs.

We needed to increase brand awareness and maintain affiliate retention. Puerto Rico’s main media outlets still use traditional advertising methods, with brand messages mostly limited to 30-second spots, so unconventional ideas often get killed due to these restrictions. Also, the largest local stations are owned by US Hispanic networks and programming often comes from other markets, making locally produced content increasingly scarce.


Puerto Ricans age 65 and over grow up passionate about music, learning all about the greatest hits and singers, a passion that remains with them throughout their lives. It’s so important that each week they gather in reunions called “bohemias” just to sing. To launch the newest version of the Triple-S Advantage senior health plan, we developed an idea around their love of music.


Puerto Ricans aged 65+ love music. Many are talented musicians and singers, but, traditionally, scouts from record companies only look for younger people. The truth is amazing talent can come from any age. So, Triple-S Advantage, a health insurer for this segment, decided to let their voices be heard by creating the first Puerto Rican reality TV singing competition exclusively for them. Four music legends adored by this generation served as judges. The contestants performed international hits from the ‘40s and ‘50s and shared their personal stories with the audience. The show aired during prime time on Telemundo. An original opening song was composed and performed by the judges. It was played on the radio and included in the show’s first album. After weeks of fierce competition, a new Experienced Voice was chosen. The winner received a record deal with Sony Music.


The participants’ voices and stories touched people of all ages. Suddenly, Sunday night prime time became all the rage. The effort generated huge engagement and massive media coverage, with hundreds of thousands of people voting. It was also massively followed on social media, drawing hundreds of Facebook posts and comments. Many of them were people younger than 65 – proving that the show captured the attention of a younger segment that acted as influencers for parents and grandparents when it was time to choose an insurance health plan.

Tickets for the final gala ran out in a single day, and the whole country is eagerly awaiting the album’s release and a second season!

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