According to UNESCO, 117 million children around the world dropped out of school in 2021. The pandemic and other factors have created a massive impact on the global education system, affecting 1.6 million teachers and 94% of the student population. This represents 168 million children worldwide left out of any kind of face-to-face learning for nearly a full year. In Colombia, 300,000 children leave school each year for many reasons, such us lack of involvement or engagement, resources or access to education.


Lack of student motivation and resources are the main causes of school dropouts around the world. These teens are not interested in learning and do not strive to give their best. Pony Malta, the iconic non-alcoholic beverage from ABInBev for Colombians, has been a presence in the childhoods of many Colombians for generations.

For more than 60 years, the brand has accompanied tweens and teenagers in the country motivating them to be the best version of themselves.


Winning With Class is an AI platform that rewards good performance in school to motivate young people to study more. On this platform, students upload their grades to be analyzed individually and systematically, and recognize their academic growth with tokens they can redeem in technology, school supplies, gaming codes, or necessity goods like uniforms, scooters or scholarships.


In just a month and a half, the campaign reached more than 360K visits to the platform, 81K registered students and 20K registered notes.

Sales of the product increased by 24% in schools and total sales increased by 8.32%. The brand's social media channels achieved +167% in organic impressions and +78% in positive sentiment.

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