Migros belongs to the people. That’s why young people should help to choose the flavor of Migros’s new ice tea. But involving customers in the creation of new products is nothing new. How can we turn the creation of ice tea into a whole new experience for our young target group?


At, anyone can mix their own flavor. And not just using strange ingredients like chili, gummy bears, and broccoli – but also, in an innovative twist, using their eyes and ears! Every ingredient has a different sound or beat. The number of different possible combinations is almost infinite. Bringing music into the process not only makes it fun for young people: it also makes a big difference to the flavor.

Our digital sound mixer turns every new ice tea creation into a unique musical hit. At the touch of a button, users can also generate a unique music video for each entry, and share it across the world. These videos pick up a lot of likes for very little effort – perfect for our target group.


The platform is optimized for mobile and the videos are generated in portrait view. The tracks are perfectly synchronized and looped courtesy of Web Audio API. Thanks to the scalable platform we created on Amazon AWS, combined with S3 Storage, the vast amounts of data are processed without any problems, even at peak times.


More than 120,000 users visited the website. Within a very short timeframe, we saw over 72,000 mixes submitted and Migros’s expectations were exceeded sevenfold. The most popular mix hit stores in 2019.

Migros Ice Tea Beats Case Movie DE

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